of earth


Worn Clay

The Worn Clay Paver is hand-antiqued in the spirit of the aged terracotta earthenware. Characterized by unfinished edges and a patinated appearance, this paver lends tactile warmth to its surroundings.


Clay Paver

The Clay Paver shapes locally-sourced California clay into familiar form. Defined by a naturally textured surface, its minimalist profile lends a thoughtfully tactile element suited for outdoor pathways, patios, driveways, exterior cladding and interior applications.


Earth Terrazzo

The Earth Terrazzo Paver is a mosaic of natural shapes, sediments and geological textures. Sustainable by design, this paver is comprised of rock offcuts suspended in recycled concrete and softened to a textured matte finish.

Pressed Clay

Tactile with a smooth, streamlined finish resembling rammed earth. Softened with beveled edges and a composite appearance reminiscent of papier-mâché, the Pressed Paver brings a a refined surface to the outdoors.