landscape designer
exterior design for outdoor living

orca living landscape design services is a landscape design studio that creates outdoor living spaces of purpose and permanence.

Step 1. Initial Consultation

OR.CA Design Consultation:

A 1 hour on-site visit where we discuss the goals of the space, palettes, and budget. Please bring any images to this meeting that you would like to discuss.

After the consultation, 2-4 hours are spent creating a mood board and a rough sketch for your outdoor space. This will be sent to you to clarify the design direction, along with an estimate of hours to complete your design. If you choose to move forward with the design, the consultation fee is applied towards these hours. 

Our consultation fee is $300. 

OR.CA Design:

The complete makeover of your outdoor space. We specialize in custom fabrication, outdoor dining, kid friendly play spaces, edible gardens, sheds, decks, and low maintenance planting. 

Your final design will have both a construction and planting plan, and can be shown in phases depending on budget needs. Please note: designs are very much dependent on budget. Defining your garden’s budget ahead of time is important to the finished design. The quoted estimated hours include one round of revisions. Changes made outside of this will be billed additionally. The design process is collaborative and there are check-ins throughout. Designs take 2-3 weeks to complete. 

Our design fee is $100/hour. 

OR.CA Build: 

Our team of local carpenters, fabricator’s and contractors are here to help bring the design to fruition. A installation estimate can be provided at any point during the design process.

Products built to last that do not harm the earth:

OR.CA sources as local as possible to reduce our work’s carbon footprint. Our plant selection focuses on drought tolerant species to ensure sustainable growth. Our material recommendations will be as close in proximity to the job-site and with low-VOC and chemical finishes. We stand behind materials that are regenerative and long-lasting.

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